Entering data WIN MAC
Enter and move down Enter Return
Enter and move up Shift Enter ⇧ Return
Enter and move right Tab  Tab 
Enter and move left Shift Tab ⇧ Tab
Enter same data in multiple cells Ctrl Enter  ⌃ Return  
Insert current date Ctrl ; ⌃ ; 
Insert current time Ctrl Shift : ⌃ ⇧ :
Fill down from cell above Ctrl D ⌃ D 
Fill right from cell left Ctrl R   ⌃ R
Copy formula from cell above Ctrl ‘  ⌃ ‘
Copy value from cell above Ctrl Shift “  ⌃ Shift “
Add hyperlink Ctrl ⌘ K  ⌘ K
Display Auto Complete list Alt ↓  ⌥ ↓  
Flash fill Ctrl E   
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