Workbook WIN MAC
Insert new worksheet Shift F11 Fn ⇧ F11 
Go to next worksheet Ctrl PgDn Fn ⌃ ↓ 
Go to previous worksheet Ctrl PgUp  Fn ⌃ ↑  
Move to next pane F6    
Move to previous pane Shift F6   
Go to next workbook Ctrl Tab ^ Tab
Go to previous workbook Ctrl Shift Tab ⌃ ⇧ Tab
Minimize current workbook window Ctrl F9 ⌘ M  
Maximize current workbook window Ctrl F10   Fn ⌃ F10
Select adjacent worksheets Shift Cursor  ⇧ Cursor
Select non-adjacent worksheets Ctrl Cursor  ⌘ Cursor
Toggle scroll lock SrcLk  Fn ⇧ F14
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