Students Testimonials

This is THE best course available on PowerBI. Simple explanations and covering all the little concepts. Thanks Pavan for putting yours efforts on making such extraordinary content.
Sai Krishna
Pavan, Thanks for the amazing video. Is it possible for you to upload these data spread sheet. It will be very helpful for the practice.
Bighneswar Subudhi
true Amazing Tutor.i have a doubt....can i pull the data from oracle database to excel and compare with another sheet in the same excel..?
Satish Kumar
Wow. It's surprising. I just started excel a week ago where he is the trainer. And also thinking to plan for power bi he the one came again 💥💥✌.
Abinaya Murugan
sir I want to start learning power Bi. Should I follow your playlist of power Bi which has 154 videos or this video? Thanks for teaching this stuff. Truly indebted
Shahbaz Shamshad
Hello Sir, you make the day of everyone, and motivate us to learn new Technologies. Your explanation is easy, methodical and for everyone to understand it is so easy, my sincere Thanks to you. I appreciate your valuable time for explaining the concepts. In today's trying times which we are facing , positive people like yourself can only encourage and motivate us to go the extra mile. May God Bless You. 🙏
Mariomds Saldanha
Great Video, I really learned by watching your videos. almost i have watched 4 hours so far and hope to finish completely.
Asif Iqbal
You're a great teacher! Thank you for this amazing content!
Hiram B Tranquilli
Excellent video Sir, Can you please share the sample data (Excel sheet) for Superstore
Shafali Jain
Thanks sir Great session Learn alot from you
Erdogan India
Thank you very much Sir you have explained every point very nicely
hello sir, insightful video thank you for this video. I have an error , I have dataset which include postal codes in alphanumeric data type but power bi would show data type as number only and alphanumeric data type as error . how can I solve this error.
Adi Deshmukh
This is one of the best video i have found on Youtube. Each and every thing is self explanatory and awesome concepts.
Sunit Kadam
perfect way of teaching 100%
Through long time i follow your (Tutorial Point) channel. I fan with you...Such way of talking....technically sound....I Love you dada. ( I m Rajib Guha)
Rajib Guha
Sir such a good explanation seriously ur my guru tqsm for ur videos
Baby Roohi
Your way of teaching is commendable. you make the things easy.
Ashita Vermani
The best PowerBi tutorial I have watched so far. Thank you sir for your efforts, I now feel I have an edge over others who are still stuck in excel for making reports... Your way of teaching is simple and is easily understandable from a student's perspective!!! Keep up the good work sir!!!!, Thanks
Shannu Medias
Hi Pawan Your way of tutoring is so simple. God bless you with good health and wealth to continue what you are doing in educating less disposed ones.
You deserved my subscription 😘 lots of love from us sir😘
Prasad Reddy
I only just wanted to say that I really really thank you for these lessons. There are just ... amazing and really detailed!
Hoang Nguyen Huy
Excellent presentation!! To the point in minimum time....heading on to the next video now
Thanks for making videos for us , which are so interpretation and easy to understand , i request please make on videos for DAXS also.
Mallesh 52
I have seen so many online platform but your method of teaching is awesome. Everything is clear in only one go.
Gunjan Srivastava
Hello sir, First and foremost would like to Thank You for such a wonderful video. Sir how many total hours this playlist would be ?
Kris y
You are a gem of a person sir. I have learnt a lot through your videos and applied in many Data Analytics tools. Already shared the channel to many of my contacts 😊
Shikhar Shukla
This is the best Power BI tutorial for beginners. It introduces the basic steps in a very detailed and a smooth manner. There is no waste of time on unnecessary things, the presentation is amazing and given in an interesting and bit sized manner. Thank you very much.
Hemal Karambelkar
Great videos, I would like to know whether we can integrate Power Bi and IBM DNG or ELM?
Sreekuttan Sree
Always awesome in teaching everything whether it is excel or power bi.........Thank you
Shivani Jain
Thanks Pavan Sir, It was really helpful to understand the Power BI Concepts easily by this playlist videos
Prasad Pasupuleti
@pavanlalwani sir Thank you for your valuable time on this playlist sir, small request from my end please do separate playlist for DAX and interview questions also sir
Sai Kumar
Great explanatory skills in detailed which anyone can understand easily and learn.
Srikanth Babu
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